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Basic Home Inspection Checklist When Buying Real Estate In Orlando

Check the Property’s Exterior

Home Inspection

Conducting a home inspection is a crucial part of any house-hunting. Your primary goal is to evaluate the property from a structural and safety standpoint. It’s also an effective way to know if the property is hazard-free and is updated when it comes to building codes.

Home inspections aren’t mandated. However, there are instances when doing one is necessary. You can use the following home inspection checklist to know what to do during your house visit.

Basic Home Inspection Checklist

Check the Property’s Exterior

You need to check if the gutters and downspouts are properly connected. You also need to check if it drains the water away from the house. Next, check if the roof has any visible stains or even moss. Are there any missing shingles? These are necessary to assess how much you’ll be spending on the repairs.

Another factor that you need to assess is the foundation. Are there any visible cracks, or does any part of the house near it seem sunken? These factors can cause quite a problem, especially once you decide to buy it.

Inspect the Property’s Interior

It’s best to be very particular about the aroma inside the property. If you notice any musty smell inside the house, then there’s a big chance that mold is growing somewhere in its parts. You also need to check the attic and the basement to see any signs of leaks or moisture. Meanwhile, if the property has an unfinished attic or basement, check the insulation system they’re using.

Aside from the insulation, you need to check the heating, cooling, and plumbing. Don’t forget to test the electrical wirings too. See if all the light switches work or if all the outlets are grounded.

Recruit a Home Inspector

If you feel like these tasks are too overwhelming for you, we advise you to get an experienced home inspector to do the job. When hiring an inspector, you need to ensure that they are current with all the certifications required to do the job. They also need a full insurance policy to protect them if they get injured when doing the work.

Once they’ve completed the inspection, you can check the full report to get an idea of the property’s condition. Each area or room should have a detailed section on the report and notes about parts that need repairs.

Here are some pro tips on what to look for in a real estate expert. 

We’re here to help! 

These are only a few of the things that you need to remember when doing a house inspection. If you want further help when buying a house, don’t hesitate to send The Nickley Group a message at info(at)thenickleygroup(dotted)com or call us at 407.906.2456