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Have you heard of Edoboy?

The owners of DOMU & Tori Tori have opened a new exclusive sushi bar right behind our Mills 50 office! The restaurant is called Edoboy, located at 728 N. Thornton Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32803. Head Chef Tyler and Second Chef Francis curated a beautiful menu for this new concept.

What is Edoboy?

The restaurant is unlike any other Japanese restaurant in Orlando; it is a standing sushi bar. Yes, you read that right. Your reservation is for one hour, and the chefs prepare your food right in front of you as you stand. They serve 21 types of sushi; you can choose up to 12 per visit. Each roll ranges in price from $4 to $10 apiece.

How does Edoboy Work?

When you show up for your reservation, the staff will provide you with a slip of paper with every piece they offer. From there, you select what you’d like to try. They have nigiri, torched nigiri, hand rolls, and a miso soup to round out your dinner. Once you make your selections, the chefs will get to work.

If you’re unsure what to order, the chefs are extremely personable and there to help! They can easily walk you through the menu to pick out what you want. We recommend you pick 12 different types, so you get to try as many as possible. As the nigiri is made, the chef will place it in front of you, and you’re ready to try your first roll.

TNG’s Favorites

It was tough to pick a few favorites, but if we had to pick the Toro, Sake, Ebi-kewpie, Hotate-kewpie, and Dynamite. They also make their Miso soup fresh daily. The soup was a perfect way the end the meal.

Edoboy Nigiri

Reservations open on Mondays at noon every week on their Resy website. Be to follow Edoboy on their social media to stay in the know. They post images of their sushi, remind you when booking is open for the week, and update you on last-minute available reservations.

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