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World-Class Experience – Docuseries Ep. 8

As the real estate industry is constantly evolving, we have always focused on the world-class experience we deliver to every client we come in contact with. From the initial phone call to the post-closing client events, making sure our clients are not only happy but excited to hear from us is a top priority to our team. In the final episode of our eight-part docuseries, our team explains the importance of creating a world-class experience for our clients.

Importance of the World-Class Experience

We are always looking at how we can make things better. First of all, Tom is obsessed with creating an excellent experience for the clients of TNG but also for the team members. Secondly, it’s survival. With all the technology pushing the industry forward, our agents need to wow clients. Only 64% of consumers say they have a great experience with a Realtor. We truly believe that it shouldn’t be that way in this industry. This is one of the most significant purchases most people will make. You should have a team behind you, fighting and caring about giving you the best experience possible. If we strive to provide that experience for 100% of our clients, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the industry is doing; we will always have a place.

If the client walks away from the transaction thinking, “Wow, that was awesome. They communicated, I never had to wait for a response, everyone was friendly, open, and engaging,” then we did our job. Anything less than that is not The Nickley Group experience we promise to our clients. Many consumers believe that all real estate agents have horrible communication skills. That belief is something we strive to change every day.

Alexis Nickley explains the world-class experience as keeping the client the priority, not the commission at the end. Focusing on them and their number one goal: getting the house of their dreams will lead to a successful closing.

World-Class Transaction Experience

From the agents to the transaction coordinators and the marketing team, everyone believes in creating a world-class experience. This experience we provide is a part of The Nickley Group brand. We are very protective of this aspect of our team. It’s something that we don’t mess with as part of our culture. It’s in our core values for a reason. It gets its own video for a reason. Creating this unique experience is a top priority for everyone who walks through those doors.

Throughout the transaction, you are not alone. Not only do you have your TNG agent, but the client is supported by 50 other people on our team that want to make sure you close. We have a team of expert transaction coordinators making sure everything is scheduled. Our Chief Happiness Officer is at the office all the time, making sure the clients are seen and welcomed into our office.

After you close with us, we do everything possible for our clients. We provide moving supplies to every client to help make their move a little easier. We even have two moving trucks for our clients to use at any point. It’s the small details that we have spent time considering.

Final Words

One of the biggest compliments we can receive from a client is a referral. That shows us that we did something right along the way. We are incredibly grateful and honored if you trust us with your family, friends, and co-workers.

To Tom, a world-class experience is when every time we interact with somebody, it is smooth and seamless at any phase of buying or selling. It’s creating a professional experience, and that adds value. And if people walk away happy they did business with us, we exceeded their expectations, and not only do they want to do business again with us, but they feel other people they know should do business with us.