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2021 AS IS Contract – What’s included when you sell your home?

Recently in Florida, we have seen a change in the ‘AS IS’ contract, which is used when purchasing and selling a home. This contract states that the property is sold ‘as is.’ Meaning that the seller does not have to make repairs; the buyer will be responsible for paying for those repairs no matter the situation. This contract also states what items will convey when you sell the home. In the update of this contract, the items that stay.  Alexis Nickley clarifies these changes and highlight the items that have always been included that you might not have realized.

Pro Tip! If you wish to keep any of the items mentioned below, you must state in the contract, “items do not convey”; otherwise, the items will need to stay with the home.

Item #1: TV Wall Mounts

Everyone loves the clean look of a mounted TV, and some people have spent a lot of money to get this look. With the new contract, mounts are to remain in the property.

Item #2: Smart Doorbells

Ring doorbells have grown in popularity over the last few years, and it is now stated in the contract that the seller must leave the system for the buyer.

Item #3: Smart Thermostats

Thermostats have always been in the purchase of homes, but the smart thermostats’ clarification has was added to the ‘AS IS’ contract.

Item #4: Gate Keys and Mailbox Key

This seems like a no-brainer, but these keys were not always in the ‘AS IS’ contract. In communities with a shared mailbox with locks, that key is to stay with the property. Another example is pool keys. If your community has a shared pool with a gate key, they will remain with the house.

mailbox key

Item #5: Garage Door Opener

When receiving keys at the closing table you maybe unsure what keys to expect. This addition helps clarify what keys the buyer should get. Having this stated in the contract removes the confusion at the closing table.

Item #6: Curtains and Curtain Rods

If you bought custom curtains that you wish to take with you after you sell your home, be sure to state in the contract, “Curtains and curtain rod in bedroom x do not convey.”

Item #7: Light Fixtures

Again, these fixtures are a part of the home. The seller must be clearly stated in the contract if they want any of them.


A Realtor Can Help!

It is essential for the buyer and buyer’s agent to carefully read this contract to know what does not convey with the property. Please remember, if you wish to take any of these items with you, you must be specific and state it in the contract. Otherwise, the buyer will receive all the items listed above and anything else in the ‘AS IS’ contract. This is where having a real estate agent can make your life a lot easier. They know this contract like the back of their hand.

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