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Hanalei Shave Ice – Located in Mills 50

Hidden in the Mills 50 District of Orlando, Hanalei Shave Ice isn’t just another dessert spot; it’s a Hawaiian experience. Found in the backyard of the House on Lang, this is different from your typical shaved ice truck. Brandy, the soul behind Hanalei, channels her Hawaiian roots to create authentic, island-inspired treats right here in Florida. Her dad, a native of Kauai, shaved ice as a kid and is the inspiration behind Hanalei Shaved Ice. So, think of each scoop as a love letter to her heritage and father.

When you step up to order, you’ll quickly realize that indecision is the only option. With a menu boasting over 24 rotating shaved ice flavors, you have plenty of options. Vegans, dairy lovers, and everyone in between—there’s a flavor here for you. She has flavors like Matcha, Strawberry Guava, Lilikoi (a flavor that comes from Hawaii), and many more. Brandy also creates unique seasonal flavors; right now, they are Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Pandan, and Candy Corn. Luckily, you don’t have to pick just one flavor; with the Mega Pint as an option, you can choose up to six flavors. The Mega Pint feeds around four people.

So next time you’re in the Mills 50 District, do yourself a favor: find your way to Hanalei Shave Ice. Taste a bit of Hawaii, learn Brandy’s story, and walk away a bit cooler, both literally and figuratively. Check out The Nickley Group‘s Mega Pint order from last summer! This unique blend of flavors had us going back for more!