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How We Help Our Sellers List Their Homes

Here are just a few things we do to help our sellers through the process.

When it comes right down to it, most sellers want top dollar for their homes. These days, consumers view houses online, so real estate agents have to present those properties in the best possible light. That’s why we have professional photographers, use professional video, and create 3D tours. As a team, we’re spending upwards of $80,000 per month on Zillow to market our properties with premium placement and get them in front of buyers. 

In a market like our current one, multiple buyers may express interest, butnot all are equally qualified; it’s our job as listing agents to vet buyers. 

Everything in a transaction is ultimately the client’s decision; it’s their investment. Whatever makes them comfortable during a transaction is what we want to do for them.

We have professional photographers, use professional video, and create 3D tours.

We do all these things to ensure the best experience and transaction for our clients.

Here’s what a few of them said about their experiences with us:

Kristin:“Both my husband and I felt that throughout the process, somebody was always there for us.”

Lewis:“What more can you ask for? Our house went on the market, and we had about eight bids in fewer than three days. It was crazy, super fast.”

Michelle:“It was seamless. They supported us, answered every question, every little neurotic thing. They made us feel comfortable and like they were really advocating for us.”

David:“This experience with the Nickley Group has been the best. Usually, when the transaction ends, it’s over, but with The Nickley Group, it continued past that, and it’s been an awesome experience.”

If you have questions about how we help buyers and sellers or concerning real estate in general, reach out to us via phone or throughour website. We would love to help you, too.