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Ivanhoe Village: Resilience Amid Sanitary Sewer Project

Ivanhoe Village, a dynamic community in Orlando, is currently experiencing significant changes due to a crucial sanitary sewer project along N Orange Avenue. This project, which began in September, is expected to last 13 months and is organized into five distinct phases. As it moves into its third phase, the effects on traffic, pedestrian access, and local businesses are becoming increasingly apparent.

Project Impact and Ivanhoe Village Community Response

The ongoing phase has closed Virginia Drive at Orange Avenue, disrupting traffic and access near landmarks like Gnarly Barley and Orlando Auto Upholstery. This closure, lasting 75 to 90 days, requires detours, with Alden Rd serving as a key alternative. Despite these hurdles, businesses stay open, showcasing the community’s resolve to overcome adversity.

Local businesses, including Gnarly Barley, The Pinery, The Lucky Lure, and The Hammered Lamb, have united to offer the “Ivanhoe Construction Card.” This initiative, giving a 10% discount at participating stores until March 11th, reflects Ivanhoe Village’s commercial spirit and mutual support ethos during tough times.

A Closer Look: The Hammered Lamb’s Story

Lee Wolfcale, general manager of The Hammered Lamb, offers a unique view, highlighting the bar’s community role. “After moving from Boston, I found the community and demographic here uniquely welcoming, where customers turn into lifelong friends,” says Wolfcale. Despite construction, The Hammered Lamb, about to celebrate its 11th anniversary, stands firm in its community dedication, mirroring the resilience shown during COVID-19.

Zach Scray of Gnarly Barley initiated the “Ivanhoe Construction Card,” and Wolfcale quickly adopted it, enhancing local support. This move, along with The Hammered Lamb’s regular events, fundraisers, and discounts, shows proactive steps to lessen construction impacts.

A Call to Action and Continued Support

Challenges lie ahead with ongoing construction and changing traffic patterns pushing patrons elsewhere. However, The Hammered Lamb and its neighbors send a clear message: Ivanhoe Village transcends its location, defined by strong support and collective ambition.

As the City of Orlando progresses with its sanitary sewer project, the response from Ivanhoe Village’s businesses and residents serves as a powerful reminder of the strength found in unity. It’s a call to action for continued support, inviting locals and visitors alike to participate in this collective effort to sustain the vibrancy and resilience of Ivanhoe Village.

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