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Magical Dining 2023 is Back!

Central Floridian’s favorite time of year is back! Yes, that’s right, Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining 2023 begins on Friday, August 18, and goes until October 1. Central Florida is known as a foodie town, with many restaurants ranking on the Michelin Guide; you will find some great food over the next 6 weeks.

This year Magical Dining has changed its setup ever so slightly, adding a price tier system to get even more restaurants involved. The first tier starts at $40 a person, and the second tier is $60. These tiers are in place by the restaurant. The magical dining experience includes an appetizer, the main course meal, and a dessert, which is an incredible deal for these restaurants on this list.

Magical Dining is not just about eating at some of the best restaurants in the Orlando area. They are working to raise money for The Lifeboat Project through the meals purchased. This organization is working to raise awareness of human trafficking and support survivors of this horrible act. They provide short and long-term care, education, mental health counseling, and prevention of human trafficking. On top of the money they raise from Magical Dining, they also donate $2,000 to a charity in each country throughout Orlando.

Our Magical Dining 2023 Favorites

If you haven’t experienced Magical Dining, then you are truly missing out. Not sure where to start? Here is a list of our favorite restaurants that are participating.

  •  The Pinery is located in the Ivanhoe Village district, Michelin-rated, and is absolutely delicious!
  • With four locations throughout Central Florida, Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine is one of Tom Nickley’s favorite restaurants.
  • Another TNG favorite is the Mills 50 staple and Michelin-rated Maxine’s on Shine.
  • The deliciousSTK is participating in the $60 tier, but it’s definitely worth it!

While you’re out exploring new restaurants across Central Florida and decide you would like to know more about a certain area, please reach out to us! We are happy to help answer any questions you may have, and who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with a new part of town!