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Meet Our Team – Chrissa Rehm (Inside Sales Agent)

Today we wanted to introduce you all to someone who makes The Nickley Group such a unique and loving place. She always has an extremely positive attitude and can brighten up anyone’s day with her smile. Meet TNG’s Inside Sales Agent, Chrissa Rehm!

Chrissa was a music teacher for Orange County Public Schools for 27 years, and in November 2020, she switched to real estate. This video recounts her experience working with TNG as she comes upon her first anniversary with the team.


What attracted you to working at The Nickley Group?

“The first thing I loved about TNG that I loved right away was the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement and motivation around the team and office. But I quickly learned the values of the team. Everyone wakes up every day to help people find their homes. And I loved that shared value of providing a wonderful experience for people during a super exciting time in their lives. Whether you’re first-time home or down-sizing or moving on to a new chapter, it’s fun to be a part of that, and I love that as a team, we value providing a fantastic experience to everyone surrounded by energy, enthusiasm, drive, and motivation.”

What do you do on a daily basis as an Inside Sales Agent?

“I get to talk to people all day long to discover their story and hear what their values are in terms of home buying and real estate. I get to hear what they like, and about their family, and their motivation.” After speaking with the potential client, Chrissa then pairs them up with one of our agents to help them make their goals.

Something you wish you knew before working in Real Estate?

“How much fun it is to work in Real Estate because I probably would’ve done it sooner. It’s so fun, and I always thought the fun part would be the houses and seeing different designs. But the best part of it is the people. Talking to people, to future clients, to past clients and having relationships with them.” Her job is very fun, fulfilling, and rewarding.

What is your favorite event we do here at TNG?

“My favorite event we do, and we do a lot of fun events, is the fall festival. Every event is fantastic, but that event was a 10 out of 10. To be able to see families and their kids interact in that beautiful fall environment.” Some of the events we hold are geared toward adults only, so it’s nice to see everyone come together with their families.

Fall Fest - Inside Sales Agent Blog

What is a memory that stands out to you from working at TNG?

“This is going to sound a little bit selfish, but the memory that stands out to me was my birthday here at TNG. The team makes birthdays a really big deal. It is led by our Chief Happiness Officer, Jennifer. She makes your first birthday on the team really special. I remember on that day feeling like a queen and having so much fun, fabulous activities surrounding your birthday. And that was supper, supper fun.”

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