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Orlando Cocktails: Drink Around the Block

Join us on a spirited journey through the neighborhoods near our office, where we’ve sipped our way to discover some of our favorite Orlando cocktails. Along the way, we were lucky enough to unearth the unique character of some very special bars and restaurants. Here’s the essence of our flavorful expedition:


Snowbird at The Pinery
Ivanhoe Village

First, let’s explore The Snowbird at The Pinery, where the drink stands out as a delightful blend, marrying the creamy sweetness of a piña colada with the zesty bite of a margarita. This beverage, named for its color and in homage to the winter visitors to Florida’s warm climate, mirrors the restaurant’s spirit—combining local history and agriculture into a guest-centric dining experience. 

Ingredients: Corazon Reposado tequila / coconut / Giffard pineapple liqueur / Coco Lopez / lime / black volcanic salt

Pandamerican at Otto’s High Dive
Mills 50

Moving on to Otto’s High Dive in Mills 50, the Pandamerican cocktail pays tribute to Cuban heritage. Here, the ‘neighborhood rum bar’ offers an extensive menu of cocktails and mocktails, with the Pandamerican serving as a vibrant homage to the family’s historical café in Cuba. It’s inspired by the family’s La Barra Polar, a popular café and rum bar in Manzanillo, Cuba, during the 1950s and early 60s. This drink, topped with decorative flowers, serves as a vibrant homage to this legacy, capturing the essence of tropical flavors.

Ingredients: Barbados and Jamaican rums / Pandan leaf / coconut milk / Florida citrus / pineapple

Under the Sun at Tori Tori
Mills 50

Next in our hunt for the best Orlando cocktails, the Under the Sun captivates with its bright purple hue from ube, infusing the drink with unique, nutty, and vanilla-like flavors. This blend, harmonizing zesty and sweet notes, showcases modern innovation alongside traditional Japanese pub artistry.

Ingredients: Uruapan rum / Batavia arrack / ube / ginger / lemon / pineapple

Death in the Afternoon at Death in the Afternoon
Mills 50

Opened in September 2023 in Mills 50, this sophisticated bar offers an assortment of absinthes in a vintage, dimly lit ambience. Its signature drink, named after Ernest Hemingway’s creation, is a bubbly, anise-forward classic. Not interested in absinthe? The bar also features a variety of other drinks and food options!

Ingredients: Absinthe / raspberry / lemon / dry sparkling wine

Get Pho’d at The Moderne
Mills 50

Lastly, bartender Blake Bovaird is leading a sustainable cocktail revolution with the April menu. His signature Manhattan, crafted with A5 Wagyu fat-washed Redwood Empire rye whiskey and mushroom-infused Amaro, stands out for its innovative use of kitchen ingredient leftovers. Bovaird’s choice of Redwood Empire whiskey is deliberate, aligning with the bar’s sustainable ethos, as the distillery contributes to reforestation efforts with every bottle sold. This commitment to sustainability not only enhances the flavor profile of the cocktails but also supports environmentally responsible practices, making The Moderne a pioneer in eco-friendly mixology!

*Find the Sustainability Month Cocktail Menu here*

Ingredients: A5 wagyu fat-washed Redwood Empire rye whiskey / mushroom-infused Averna Amaro / Amaro Nonino / Genmaicha / house-made bitters / Ume vinegar / cherry bark vanilla / orange / soy sauce


The areas surrounding our office in Mills 50 and Ivanhoe Village are rich with unique experiences and memorable Orlando cocktails. From tropical flavors to innovative sustainable creations, these neighborhoods offer a glimpse into the diverse and evolving cocktail culture of Orlando. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing drink or an eco-conscious concoction, our local favorites provide a taste of the community’s vibrant and creative spirit.