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Strength in Numbers – Docuseries Ep. 1

Day in the life

Every day at The Nickley Group (TNG), our real estate agents are reaching new heights and achievements. Newer agents are getting their first closing while others are getting more clients. At TNG, every small success counts.

In this docuseries, we see what it’s like to work and be part of TNG. Owner Tom Nickley and his better half Alexis share what it’s like to be part of a family that derives strength in numbers.

The Challenge for Every Agent

The success of every TNG agent is the success of The Nickley Group as a whole. However, Tom reminds every agent to see the real challenge up ahead.

Every market is always changing, it’s always shifting and moving in different directions. But right now, as great as the market is, there are many challenges and challenging situations.

During these challenging times, Tom leads TNG with a bright goal in mind. With clients in mind, Tom plans to serve their clients at a higher level. Moreover, TNG intends to create more opportunities for every agent working for them.

We’re going to put out campaigns at a really high level in front of the areas where we sell homes. It’s going to be an opportunity to put our stuff and brand in front of the people and create opportunities within our people that we’re already working with.

Being Good at Selling Real Estate

Being a real estate agent is not as simple as learning the basics and taking everything from there. Alexis explains her experience in real estate and how other people viewed this profession with a narrowed perspective.

I would say when I got into real estate, and a lot of people come in and say, ‘okay, teach me everything I need to know. And if you teach me everything I need to know, I’m good. I can sell whatever.’ That’s not how real estate works. Real estate is truly through experience. Every transaction is different, and every situation is different.

Making it Work

At TNG, knowing everything there is to know about real estate doesn’t tantamount to success. As Alexis said, that’s not how real estate works. Being a good agent comes from experience. But for Tom, he views things from a broader perspective.

The real thing that makes it work is the strength in numbers. People are always there to lift you up, they’re there to call you out, they’re there to make you better, they’re there to help you, and they’re there to listen.

Indeed, working together is the only way to make it work. However, TNG still looks at the individual improvement of every agent. That’s why they have “one-on-ones” with agents to help them grow and improve at their work.

Jeff Wernsing, TNG’s director of growth, shares the company’s efforts to help every agent do well at work.

We pour into people. And that means that we’re teaching, and we’re coaching. We’re giving guidance. We’re advising. A lot of that is in your moment-to-moment situation—the situation phone call and the phone call style training.

Being Coachable

Jeff emphasizes that strength in numbers can only be achieved if every agent is open to learning. Every agent must commit themselves to lifelong learning to be able to be successful.

You have to be coachable, and you have to be receptive to hear where you can get better and how you can grow and how you can develop. Your daily habits are the most important part of your business, especially if you’re going to grow and be a successful agent. You got to get these daily habits locked in consistently every day.

Success is not a Straight Path

Success in real estate is not measured by the number of contracts, volume of sales, buying a new car, or having a new house. For Tom, these are just byproducts of success. In the end, the product of success is growing. And often, people think of success differently.

People think that success or imagine success to look like a right upward trajectory that just goes up. Success is the ups and downs, and left and right, and the hurdles. If you don’t have that vision of the journey, and if you’re not in it for the journey, then you’re never going to reach your full potential. You just won’t.

Grow with The Nickley Group

In this episode of TNG’s docuseries, you saw a glimpse of how TNG works for its clients and how the company takes care of its employees. Indeed, there is strength in numbers, and it only leads people to the path of success.

How about you? Grow with TNG now and let our agents help you find the home you’ve been dreaming of your whole life. Call us now at 407.906.2456, and let’s talk about your future home.