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The Dogs of TNG – Docuseries Ep. 6

One of our favorite parts of the TNG office is our warm welcome of dogs at the office! When working in real estate, it can get stressful, and you work long hours. Having your favorite furry friend hanging with you all day is a great mood booster. We featured some of our office’s four-legged regulars, Lennon, Harper, Leonard, and Apollo, in this episode. Let’s get to know some of The Dogs of TNG!

Lennon: Boxer

Dogs of TNG - Lennon

Jennifer Thornley, TNG’s Chief Happiness Officer, has a ten-year-old boxer named Lennon. She bought him as a wedding present for her husband. Over the years, he has earned many nicknames from Jennifer, like Lover, Furry Boyfriend, and King of France. Lennon has a very calm personality; he loves to snuggle and makes everything seem right in the world.

Harper: Mini Labradoodle

Dogs of TNG - Harper

Tiss Morell’s fluffy pup is a two-year-old mini labradoodle named Harper. She has a ton of energy and loves to chase the ball. She doesn’t like to sit still but brings so much joy to the Morrell family. Pictured are Tiss’ husband and daughter holding Harper.

Leonard: Australian Shepard

Dogs of TNG - Leonard

The youngest featured dog is Leonard; he is one year and two months old. Kayla and her boyfriend got Leonard in 2020, and he is the light of their lives. He brightened up their household. They love being dog parents to Leonard. Kayla and her boyfriend both work in real estate, making their lives very crazy. But having him creates stability and connection to others in their lives that they need.

Apollo: Bullmastiff

Dogs of TNG - Apollo & Eleanor

Apollo is Eleanor Armstrong’s main man and is a four-year-old, 155-pound bullmastiff. He is always at the top of her weekly positives. Puppa, as Eleanor calls him, is always ‘happy’ and isn’t afraid to show it (if you know what we mean). When Apollo is at the office, he says “hi” to everyone and gets his fair share of pets. Eleanor wants to provide Apollo with the best food and a backyard to play in.


The Cats of TNG

We also have a lot of cat lovers. Unfortunately, we don’t see too many cats in the office, but it’s a lovely surprise when one can stop by. We have been able to help rescue and find homes for many cats that were left in vacant houses or located on the side of the road. When moving, please be kind to your pets. If you cannot take them with you, find them a good home. You are their world. If you are thinking of adopting a dog or cat, please consider supporting the Orlando Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.


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