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The Pros and Cons of Central Florida – 2021

Pros and Cons of Central Florida

Just like every state, there are pros and cons to living in Central Florida. Orlando native, Alexis Nickley, breaks down what she believes to be the pros and cons of choosing to live in Central Florida. 

Pros and Cons of Central Florida:

The pros of living in Central Florida

Affordable Housing

Affordability is an opinion, but in comparison to other areas, you can still get a good bang for your buck. In other places, where the median house price is $600,000, that price can get you a lovely house here in Central Florida.


Close to Each Coast

When living in Central Florida, you truly are the center of the state. You can be an hour from either coast. Going to the beach for the day is easy. You can go to the Gulf or the Atlantic and be there in about an hour. It’s the best of both worlds. If you want warmer and calmer water heading to the Gulf would be perfect for you. But if you’re going to surf, and see more action in the waves, then you’ll want to go to the east coast. 


Things to do

There are year-round farmer’s markets, fantastic local restaurants, and natural springs to go snorkeling. The list of things to do is ever-growing, but when you think of Central Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is Disney World and Universal Studios. Anywhere you live in Central Florida, you will be within an hour of Disney or Universal, making it that much easier to get to the theme parks.


Cheap taxes

No state income taxes! This is a huge perk of living in Florida. We also have a homestead exemption, so you will save some money when buying your Florida home. 


No Snow!

You are never stuck inside like you are in the northern states for the majority of the year. 



The cons of living in Central Florida

Alligators are EVERYWHERE!


Well, that’s notactuallythe case. It’s very rare to see an alligator outside of its natural habitat. The viral videos of alligators walking around the streets are not common occurrences. What we see are these little lizards, but they tend to keep their distance. Be sure to keep in mind that bodies of water, like lakes, rivers, and springs, are their natural habitat, and be careful when you are near. 



Yes, it’s humid here in Florida, and good hair days can be hard to come by. But on the plus side, we have year-round warm weather. There is never a time where we cannot go outside due to snow.


It gets very hot

This is the Sunshine State, and yes, it can get really hot outside. Somedays, it can get to 100º. But on those days, we get to hang out at the ocean, go to a lake or have pool days to beat the heat.



Being in Central Flordia, we do have a hurricane season. However, hurricanes typically die down once they hit land, and being in the center of the state; hurricanes usually don’t hit us too hard. Thanks to the weather channel & local news, when a hurricane comes, we have plenty of notice to prepare with food, water, and appropriate shelter. 


Ready to make a move to Central Florida?

Hopefully, the pros and cons of living in Central Florida have helped you’d decide to make a move. Our team is extremely passionate about Central Florida and all it has to offer. For us, the hot & humid weather is a lot better than the cold, dreary weather of most northern states. With so much to offer, we’d love to share our favorite spots in Central Florida. We have some great restaurants, entertainment, and hidden gem recommendations. 


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