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The TNG Difference – Docuseries Ep. 3

Docuseries ep 3 the TNG Difference

The Nickley Group (TNG) is highly selective when it comes to who we partner with. For our team, real estate is not just a job; it’s a full-time career. We are committed to building a career by creating a world-class experience in every aspect of the business.

What is the TNG Difference

“The typical agent sells about six to seven homes a year; our average agent sells 30, our top agent sold over 100 homes last year.”

Market Proof

Creating a market-proof business can be difficult but imperative for an ever-changing industry like real estate. It will always be around, but some months can be more challenging than others. We developed our business so that no matter what is happening, we can still help clients make a move.

“What we do with leads, advertising and marketing make it so that we are market proof. It doesn’t matter what the market does; there are still opportunities.”


There will always be transitions in the market but having the support of a team behind you makes those transition periods a lot easier. We strongly believe that this is a group effort; once you are under contract, our Transaction Coordinators step in to make sure the following steps are as seamless as possible.

“If [the agents] are tied up in doing paperwork or deadlines, then they can’t do what they are made to do. Which is number one, get you into a house as soon as possible, as soon as it comes on the market. In this market, if you’re not getting into the house that day, you’re missing it.”

Being able to focus on the client and negotiate on their behalf to the best of their abilities is our agents’ top priority. Having the support of the transaction coordinators and leadership team is just an extra benefit of working with TNG.


Our team is highly focused on goals and keeping each other accountable. Each quarter our agents individually sit down with the leadership team to discuss what they want to accomplish in each quarter.

“We typically do three goals in each quarter, usually two business & one personal. For each of their goals they then pick four or five habits to incorporate into their day. The leadership team will check in throughout the quarter to see how the agent is doing on their goals.”

Our leadership team is constantly encouraging and pushing our agents to reach their goals and to build those habits that will help them in the long run.


Our team is extremely intentional about the way we interact with other agents, how we write & submit contracts, and the way we treat our past clients. We have weekly training sessions with our agents on every aspect of the business to be leaders in the industry.

“There are scenarios where our agents are in where there are 15 offers, and our agents are winning these scenarios many times. But it’s because they are very intentional on the way they are handling every piece of the transaction as a professional.”

The focus on doing everything as a world-class experience has set us apart from other teams. From the first phone call to post-closing with our Raving Fans Club, we strive to make our clients feel our love and dedication to them.

Want to experience TNG’s world class services? Give us a call today to set up an inperson consultation with one of our expert Realtors. (407) 906-2456.

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