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Three Essential House Flipping Basics

Three Essential Home Flipping Basics That Everyone Needs to Know

Three Essential Home Flipping Basics

While many investors pay for the properties in cash, it’s often impossible for those who have barely started their house flipping careers. Fortunately, there are ways to help you finance an investment property even when you’re on a tight budget.

For those who want to try it out with hardly any budget, choosing to work with hard money lenders is a practical choice. Hard money lenders are individuals who lend money at high-interest rates on top of the additional charge points. It’s an ideal option for those with more than one existing property or owner-occupants who have excellent credit scores with substantial equity in their homes.

Another option is private money lenders. Private money lenders are individuals who have the funds and are willing to invest in particular properties. Since these people have money to spare, they are often willing to lend you the amount you need, even with a predetermined interest rate. It’s an ideal option for those with technical know-how to flip houses and do it well.

The last financing option that you can consider is wholesaling. Wholesaling is a viable option for those with existing flipping businesses. However, you shouldn’t buy a house and then leave the rest to lady luck. It’s essential to have a plan so that you can succeed. Wholesalers make money out of their transactions based on a particular percentage from the final sale price, which typically ranges between 5% to 10%.

Learn how to find the right house to flip

Learn how to find the right house to flip

Once you have your finances in place, the next step is finding and purchasing a house to flip. To ensure that you’re making the right decision, establishing a connection with an expert realtor is the best choice. It’s also ideal to look for real estate experts who have experience working with investors who are excellent at flipping houses.

The key to finding the right person to work with requires thorough research. So, it’s best to ask anyone that you know who’s in the same industry for recommendations. If not, you can also consider checking a couple of online reviews to gauge the agent’s performance.

Once you find your agent, you can ask the person to meet with you and discuss the kind of property that you’re trying to find. He or she can also put you on a multiple listing service to get better results on the houses that’ll match your criteria.

Determine the best house flipping projects

Determine the best home flipping projects

If you’ve ever completed a home renovation project before, then you’re probably aware of all the surprises you might find under unmaintained floors and walls. These problems can range from black mold to cracked foundations.

When looking for a property, it is best to find ones that are still structurally sound. However, it can be challenging to properly inspect a home, especially if you buy it at a real estate property auction. Hiring an inspector or bringing someone who knows a lot about home construction can help you figure out if it’s a practical buy or not.

It’s highly advisable to focus on properties that only need a few jobs to resell. Adding new hardware, remodeling the yard, and even repainting the walls and changing the carpeting are only a few projects that can drastically transform any home.

Meanwhile, it would be best to avoid houses with structural issues. These problems will cost a fortune to fix. Also, you need to ensure that you know which repairs and renovation projects will fit your budget so that you’ll get the most out of its selling price.


Everyone can agree that flipping houses can be a risky investment. You need to be smart when making decisions, especially if you want to make money out of it. So before you get started in the house flipping business, it’s highly advisable to do your research and ensure that it’s the right choice for you.

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