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Types of New Construction Upgrades

upgrades for new construction

Alexis gave some excellent information on adding upgrades to a new construction home. There is a lot that goes into new construction, but having an experienced real estate agent can make this process seamless. Your agent will be able to help you pick the right location and builder based on your wants and needs in a new construction home.


Here’s a breakdown of the areas you can upgrade.

Lot size. The size of your lot can make a world of difference in the feel, look, and value of your home. The base lot is typically smaller, with neighboring homes built closely on either side of the property. Upgrades to the lot come in the form of lot size and location. Meaning a lovely lakefront property will cost more than other lots in the same neighborhood with a smaller backyard or water access.

Structural. You should know that when you choose structural upgrades, it must be done before signing your contract with the builder. Afterward, there will not be a way to change this. Structural upgrades include expanding your lanai, changing the home’s layout, adding a gourmet kitchen, or changing the exterior’s elevation.

Cosmetic. One of the biggest perks of buying a new construction home is making your own design choices. You and your agent will visit the builder’s design center together and will choose everything from flooring, cabinets, and paint. However, every upgrade comes with an increased price.

New Construction Upgrades: Pricing

Every upgrade to your home has different levels. The base level will be the cheapest option, and each subsequent one after that will then increase in price. This process can feel daunting if you don’t know what to expect. The sales representative for the builder is there to help the builder make more money, making it even more important to have an experienced agent who will represent you.

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