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What is a Leaseback? – Real Estate Vocab 101

What is a Leaseback

The top two things sellers worry about when listing their home are 1.) Not having enough time to find their next home, and 2.) the logistics of moving. These two things can cause sellers a fear of becoming homeless. To help overcome this fear, we have two great options for sellers, the Buy Before You Sell program or a leaseback.

What is a Leaseback?

“A transaction in which the seller sells the property and then leases back the property from the new owner.”

National Association of Realtors

Leasebacks allow the seller to negotiate with the buyers to stay in the property after closing as a tenant. You can then arrange how much you pay in rent and utilities each month of the time you will be leasing the property. All of this is negotiable, but hopefully enough to cover the mortgage.

A leaseback will give the seller more time to find their next home and to be able to make that move slightly easier. By doing this, you will avoid renting a storage unit and even having to move twice. This can also be a big pro for some buyers. They might be in the process of listing their current home and need a few more weeks to get out. Having a reliable Realtor who can effectively negotiate between each party and the other agent is a must in this situation.

The Nickley Group has years of experience helping buyers and sellers negotiate special contracts, like leasebacks, and would be happy to give you more information about all your options. Please give us a call at 407-906-2456 or send us an email at

The Alternative to a Leaseback

If you’d like more information about our Buy Before You Sell program, Alexis has already done a video giving great detail on how it can help you as a seller. This is an excellent alternative to a leaseback, and we’d love to provide you with all your options.

Alternative program to a leaseback