Getting Started

What Platforms should you use?

  • Choosing your platforms can seem overwhelming with so many options. 
  • Instagram and Facebook are what we have found to be the most effective platforms for Real Estate Agents, especially when just starting out with social media.
  • They require little time and provide easy access to people who already know, like, and trust you!

Things to Avoid

Not Posting Accurate and Up to Date Information

It's important all the information you are putting out there is up to date and correct. Videos can go viral in seconds and that one thing you said could be used against you. If you ever question a topic, seek out advice from senior agents or leadership!

Posting Inappropriate Content that involves TNG

As a brand, we need to present ourselves in a professional manner. Do not post anything that paints TNG in a negative light. This includes directly tagging us in inappropriate material, but also creating unprofessional material in our office or at TNG events. 

Posting Controversial Content

Don't post anything that could be perceived as offensive, inflammatory, or discriminatory. This includes profanity, racism, sexism, or any other form of prejudice. Steer clear of controversial topics like politics and religion when posting on behalf of your company; keep it focused on business matters instead so that you don't offend potential customers or partners who might not share the same views as you do on these topics. 

Not Staying Professional

Avoid engaging in heated debates or arguments; it is best to remain professional in all interactions on social media sites and forums instead of engaging in unprofessional exchanges that can tarnish the image of your brand online.

Avoiding Copyright & Privacy Laws!

Don’t post content that doesn’t comply with copyright laws and intellectual property rights protection laws such as trademarks and patents. Do not use images/videos without permission from the original creator/owner; this violates copyright laws which could result in expensive penalties for your brand if discovered by the legal authorities. When you go out to listings and take videos, remember to get permission from the seller/listing agent before posting. This also goes the same when you take closing photos, be sure to ask if it's okay if we post it. Remember, some people may not want their home or their photo online. 

Tips for Success

Pay Attention to What Others are Posting

You want to see what other people in the industry are posting, and what is doing well. Take inspiration from these and create your own. We have provided a list of Instagram accounts to follow in the Instagram section!

Finishing Touches

Always add the location, tagged people, and 3-5 hashtags to your posts. 

Look at Your Insights

Review your insights (data from your social media). Find out what is performing well and what isn't. More of this is covered in the Meta Business Suite Section.

Post to Create Value

Post what you think would provide value to others. 1 quality post is way better than 5 posts that don't provide value. More about this in the content creation section. 

Engage with Others

Comment back to people, like other posts, and interact with others as much as you can. This all gives Instagram a good score for your account (meaning they will show your posts more) 

Post Consistently

Get yourself on a schedule and stick to it. Set a weekly goal that is REALISTIC for you. Set goals that are achievable for you.