Content Ideas

The 4 E’s for Creating Kick-Ass Social Media Content


Focus on providing valuable information to your clients that helps them understand what you offer, why they need you and what problem you are solving for them.


Make your audience feel empowered. There are a couple of ways you can do this. One is to provide simple tips and tricks that help your audience.


There is a place and time for seriousness, but make sure you don’t forget about the fun.


Of all the 4 E’s, ENGAGE is the most important. Create content that requires your audience to give you feedback, leave comments and express their opinions. 

Social Media Idea Board for Agents

1. Answer questions you get asked. (Educate)

The topics that your audience wants to know about. Plus if you learn how to do this, you’ll never run out of content. Think about the ‘hot topics’ your audience is always wanting to know. Examples might include:


When is the best time to sell my home?


How can I add value to my home?


What is the market doing right now?


Should I buy first or sell first?


  1. Home Styling Tips (staging and decor)
  2. Common Questions 
  3. Market Updates
  4. Re-share TNG content


2. Share stories, not testimonials. (Empower and Engage)

People love stories. They don’t love bragging. Rather than talking about how fantastic you are, take a photo with your client outside the sold sign, and tell a story about the transformation of their situation. Here’s an example:


Name - What is the name of the client? 


Before - Where were they before they started the process?


Goal - What end result did they want to achieve?


Obstacles - What obstacles did they run into?


Help - Why did they come to you?


Turnaround - What did you do? (Add real value here).


Result - What was the end result? How did it impact their life?


3. Footage of your job. (Educate)

Take a photo of a cool feature in a home, or highlight a home. Live videos and walk-throughs of listings and walkthroughs. (With your client’s permission)  You can also take a photo working at the office.


  1. Work Event
  2. Listing
  3. Walk-through
  4. Funny things that happen in the office
  5. Under Contract
  6. Closings


4. No need to be so serious, share something fun!  (Entertain)

Don’t be so serious. People want to see your personality shine through. 


  1. Funny stories that happen in and out of work
  2. Real Estate Humor


5. Community Posts! (Educate)

People live here just like you, and they are probably looking for fun things to do. So, why not share your experiences?

  1. A local's guide ( Food, Drinks, Entertainment, Nature, Favorite Event, etc.)


6. Last but most importantly, personal stories! (Empower and Engage)

People follow you because they care about you! 


  1. Holidays 
  2. Things you do on a regular basis
  3. Your pets
  4. Your family 
  5. Hobbies
  6. What you care about