How to set up your account.

  1. Download the app

Go to your app store and download the

Instagram app.


2. Create a business account (optional)

It is recommended that you transform your account to an Instagram business account. This means you will have access to the insights "data" behind what is performing well on your account.


3. Create your profile / transform your profile

Either start from scratch or revisit your account. Enter in a professional username, headshot, and bio stating a little about you and your business.


4. Connect with People!

Search to see who is on Instagram and spend some time following people you know, and people that inspire you!


5. Get started creating content

You can post all kinds of things on Instagram. You can start by including some posts about yourself and your business.

Instagram Feed Posts

  • Post photos, quotes, reviews, and more.
  • Videos for up to 1 minute.
  • To get as many eyes on your account as possible, it is recommended that you have a public business account.
  • Use (15-20) hashtags on each post.
  • Post as frequently as you can. Ask yourself, what is realistic for you?
  • If someone else is in your posts, be sure to tag them! You can also add them as a collaborator ( this will share the post to both account's feeds)
    • You can schedule posts through Meta Business Suite.

Instagram Reel Posts

  • Best way to get eyes on your account.
  • Use reels to make short videos. Could be educational, comedy, relatable, or informative.
  • They have an easy-to-use video editor on their platform for you to use for FREE!
    • 3-5 Hashtags relating to the content
  • The hook is the first 3-5 seconds of every Reel. Below is some of the top "hooks" you can use to create video

The best technique I've ever done is _____.

10 things I wish I knew earlier.

You NEED this tool for _____.

No one is talking about this one thing.

This is why your ___ is working.

You need this tool as a _____.

Simple ways to do this.

Instagram Stories

  • Shows up on the top of your feed. Stays for 24 hours.
      • Use these as a tool for people to get to know you better.
      • Great for resharing content from other people.
      • You can Highlight them on your page after the 24 hour period is up.

Instagram TV

  • Post longer videos, up to 15 minutes long.
      • Great to post videos you may already be making for Youtube or Facebook!

Instagram Live

  • You can directly interact with people this way.
      • You can save this video after the live has ended and post it to your page.

Helpful Accounts to Follow