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The Reality of a Realtor ® – Docuseries Ep. 7

Not everything will be sunshine and rainbows when working in real estate, but we will always celebrate the highs and solve the lows. Our job is to make this monumental transaction happen as seamlessly as possible for our clients. Sometimes that...

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The Dogs of TNG – Docuseries Ep. 6

One of our favorite parts of the TNG office is our warm welcome of dogs at the office! When working in real estate, it can get stressful, and you work long hours. Having your favorite furry friend hanging with you all day is a great mood booste...

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The Raving Fans Club – Docuseries Ep. 5

In this episode, we dove into the heart and soul of The Nickley Group. They are why we do what we do every day and make our core values even more vital. We built our business around the relationships we made with our clients along the way. This...

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Core Values – Docuseries Ep. 4

We stress how important our values are to every person on our team. We strongly believe in our core values; you can see it in everything we live, teach, and celebrate based on these values. It’s in our DNA; it’s what makes us special.


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The TNG Difference – Docuseries Ep. 3

The Nickley Group (TNG) is highly selective when it comes to who we partner with. For our team, real estate is not just a job; it's a full-time career. We are committed to building a career by creating a world-class experience in every aspect o...

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The Cameo – Docuseries Ep. 2

The Cameo’s History

The Cameo Theatre was built in 1939 as the first neighborhood theatre in Orlando and the fifth motion picture house in the greater Orlando area. After a year of operation, the theatre shut down, and many businesse...

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Strength in Numbers – Docuseries Ep. 1

Every day at The Nickley Group (TNG), our real estate agents are reaching new heights and achievements. Newer agents are getting their first closing while others are getting more clients. At TNG, every small success counts.
In this docuseries...

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